Git CheatSheet

远子 •  2020年02月20日

git init            # initiates git in the current directory
git clone <address> # creates a git repo from given address (get the address from your git-server)

git add file.txt   # adds(stages) file.txt to the git
git add *          # adds(stages) all new modifications, deletions, creations to the git
git reset file.txt # Removes file.txt from the stage
git rm file.txt    # removes file.txt both from git and file system
git status         # shows the modifications and stuff that are not staged yet

git branch              # shows all the branches (current branch is shown with a star)
git branch my-branch    # creates my-branch
git branch -d my-branch # deletes my-branch
git checkout my-bracnch # switches to my-branch
git merge my-branch     # merges my-branch to current branch

git remote                         # shows the remotes
git remote -v                      # shows the remote for pull and push
git remote add my-remote <address> # creates a remote (get the address from your git-server)

git log                      # shows the log of commits
git commit -m "msg"          # commit changes with a msg
git push my-remote my-branch # pushes the commits to the my-remote in my-branch (does not push the tags)

git tag                           # shows all the tags
git tag -a v1.0 -m "msg"          # creates an annotated tag
git show v1.0                     # shows the description of version-1.0 tag
git tag --delete v1.0             # deletes the tag in local directory
git push --delete my-remote v1.0  # deletes the tag in my-remote (be carefore to not delete a branch)
git push my-remote my-branch v1.0 # push v1.0 tag to my-remote in my-branch
git fetch --tags                  # pulls the tags from remote

git pull my-remote my-branch# pulls and tries to merge my-branch from my-remote to the current branch

git stash                            # stashes the staged and unstaged changes (git status will be clean after it)
git stash -u                         # stash everything including new untracked files (but not .gitignore)
git stash save "msg"                 # stash with a msg
git stash list                       # list all stashes
git stash pop                        # delete the recent stash and applies it
git stash stach@{2}                  # delete the {2} stash and applies it
git stash show                       # shows the description of stash
git stash apply                      # keep the stash and applies it to the git
git stash branch my-branch stash@{1} # creates a branch from your stash
git stash drop stash@{1}             # deletes the {1} stash
git stash clear                      # clears all the stash

# is a file including names of stuff that you don"t want to be staged or tracked.
# You usually keep your local files like database, media, and etc here.
# You can find good resources online about ignoring specific files in your project files.
# .gitignore is also get ignored 
# is a hidden directory in repo directory including git files. It is created after "git init".